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Workplaces of the future will need teams that can work collaboratively and across differences to solve complicated problems. Through professional development training and consultation, we support teams to harness their collective creativity, nurture cultural responsiveness, and develop critical collaboration skills and mindsets.

Resources for Skill Development

Become a Collaborative Discussion Coach

Learn how to support your team or clients through collaborative discussion skill building. Join a coach training or work with us.

Support Your Team to Facilitate Effective Discussions

Check out our DIY facilitation resources to help your team practice facilitation skills and learn by doing.

Discover the Collaborative Discussion Toolkit

Explore activities designed to advance collaborative intelligence in the workplace. Help your team work together to solve shared problems.

Better Discussions Build Stronger Workplaces

Just imagine the workplace of the future. The most effective teams will be thinking together across cultural, geographic, disciplinary, and industry divides. These teams will demonstrate high levels of collaborative intelligence. They will understand that we think better when we think together–and they will have created a workplace that maximizes the conditions for nurturing collaborative skills and mindsets. Is your team ready for this future?

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