What We Do

The Interactivity Foundation creates experiences and resources to help people engage in productive exploratory conversations. We seek to broaden perspectives, expand public imagination, nurture collaborative mindsets, and strengthen social trust. Our discussions enrich the communities where we learn, live, and work.

Our Process

The IF Discussion Process has evolved over the years and can be modified to fit different formats like community gatherings, classroom or campus discussions, and professional development trainings.

While we encourage folks to adapt and experiment with our process, we also emphasize a few foundational design elements that help to distinguish our process from others. The IF discussion process is characterized by: 

  • Small group discussions with an impartial facilitator to focus but not direct the discussion while supporting authentic engagement from all participants
  • Divergence rather than consensus, focusing on exploration of ideas before deliberation or defining solutions
  • IF resources designed to nurture collaborative discussion behaviors like curiosity, bold imagination, play, generous interpretation, and generative thinking
  • Emerging concerns that have public impact and could be addressed through meaningful community discussion 

If you want to dive deeper, we encourage you to join one of our facilitation or coach trainings, download our free facilitation resources, or join our monthly open house to learn about upcoming events and workshops.  

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