Community Conversations

IF helps communities come together in conversation around issues they care about. We organize discussion events, train facilitators, and guide community leaders to develop new ways of bringing people together around shared issues of interest and concern.

Our Impact

Facilitated Conversations
Discussion Participants

Where conversations make a difference

Civic Spaces

We help libraries and other civic organizations bring together diverse constituents in conversation on topics of shared interest.
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Residential Communities

We help senior living communities coordinate structured discussions for their residents that foster resilience and build social trust.
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Community Dialogue

We help community leaders initiate productive discussions through facilitator trainings and effective exploratory discussion design.
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How to Host Your Own Discussion

Organize a Discussion Event

How to plan a discussion event
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Facilitate a Conversation

How to manage an effective discussion
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Engage as a Participant

How to participate in the conversation
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Our Facilitation Plans

Facilitation plans enhance group discussions by providing structured guidance, fostering inclusive participation, and ensuring focused, productive dialogue. They help navigate complex topics, encourage diverse perspectives, and promote collaborative problem-solving, ultimately leading to more effective and cohesive decision-making in any group setting.