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Discussion Guides & Other Resources

Looking for discussion guides or other materials to help facilitate or organize an interactive discussion program? We have over 30 discussion guides on a wide variety of public policy topics. Our discussion guides are non-partisan, presenting 5-9 different approaches or policy “possibilities” for the topic. You can view them online or download them for free. We also have other discussion resources available without charge, including “how-to” guidebooks on facilitating and other practical aspects of planning and conducting a discussion program.

Planning a Discussion Program?

We may be able to help. We have partnered with a wide range of organizations, including public, private, educational, nonprofit, and other groups, to provide direct in-kind assistance in planning, organizing, and conducting different discussion programs and initiatives. We’re always looking for new partners to work with in developing more and better exploratory and generative conversations. Depending on the particular goals and circumstances of your program, we may be able to help with planning, facilitating, or training facilitators.

Resources for Educators

Interested in using student-facilitated discussions in your classroom or online course? For over a decade, we have partnered with faculty to integrate our discussion process into higher education settings. We have a number of different resources for instructors and students for use in both in-person and online courses. These resources provide practical guidance on implementing student-facilitated discussions and include guidebooks, workbooks, sample syllabi, evaluation forms, and other course materials.

Recent News

Disobeying the Bully

Disobeying the Bully

“That’s an idiotic comment,” said Ben. That sort of rudeness was typical for Ben when responding to one of his discussion partners. He made a habit of demeaning his classmates’ comments. He was also prone to making exaggerated statements, most of them with no...

Just Imagine…Acceptance

Just Imagine…Acceptance

Born in 1946, Lucinda Franks graduated from Vassar College with a degree in English. Her career in journalism started with the London bureau of the United Press International (UPI). In spite of her degree, her job was primarily one of fetching coffee for the men....