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Communication, Discussion, or Facilitation Skills in Your Courses?

For those of you teaching an IF sponsored course this spring, your fourth blog post should tell us about some of the facilitation, discussion, or communication skills that you’ve focused on with your students. You might find it helpful to review Section Five and Eight of the Guidebook for Student Centered Discussions. You also might want to look at the Practical Approaches to Communications that was included in your Summer Institute binder. Tell us about some of the following (there’s probably a lot to tell, so you might just think of an illustrative example or two):

  • What are some different skills that you’ve targeted or have found your students need to work on? These might be specific facilitation skills, or other relevant  discussion or communication skills.
  • How have you tried, or how are you trying, to help your students to work on these?

–Jeff Prudhomme