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Conceptual Background on IF

I’m uploading here a series of “Conceptual Essays” on IF and our approach to public discussion.

The essays complement our other more hands-on documents by placing our work in a larger context and exploring the reasoning behind why we do things the way we do. They have my name on them, but I tried as best I could in writing them to capture our always accumulating collective experience and reflection. (If they sound like something you might be interested in, browse through the Table of Contents and go directly to whatever peaks your curiosity; each short entry is intended to stand on its own.. Alternatively, you might start with either IF-3, pp. 11-15, which contrasts IF-style public discussion with other forms of deliberation–or U-3, pp. 101-06, which describe its objective.)

The essays should help answer some questions. I expect they’ll raise others.  The link to the document is below.

Conceptual Essays