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How Will We All Retire?

Project Manager:

  • Adolf Gundersen

A Relaxing Spot by Judy Baxter / CC BY-NC-SA

This discussion guide explores retirement as an area of public policy concern and presents six contrasting policy proposals as discussion starters for considering various concerns and issues about retirement, including–

Moral Concerns. What is the ultimate purpose for retirement? Why might people deserve retirement, and why might others be required to retire? And who and how should we pay for retirement?

Economic Concerns. How can we make it financially secure; how can we protect standards of living for retirees? How can we help individuals plan and save for retirement? How do different policies affect economic growth and job opportunities for others?

Lifestyle & Community Concerns. How can we help retirees to remain active and connected? And help address their needs for adequate health care, housing, safety, transportation/access, etc.?

Political Concerns. How can retirement benefits be protected over the long term. and how can we best make use of available community resources for retirees without exhausting those resources in the process?

This discussion guide is under re-development.  A revised version is expected to be available in late 2020.

The six policy possibilities in this discussion guide: 

A.  Eliminate Social Security, Help Individuals Prepare Through Education and Regulation
B.  Social Security We Can Count On
C.  Public Support for Deserving Retirees
D.  Employer-Friendly Retirement
E.  People Need People
F.  Periodic Sabbaticals 

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