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The United States’ Democratic Promise

Project Manager:

  • Dennis Boyer
Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

The United States’ Democratic Promise discussion guide–and the seven contrasting policy possibilities it offers as starters for further exploration–all focus on different governance approaches to the meaning and practice of democracy.  It invites us to explore and consider alternative visions of how we act as citizens, participate in democratic structures, and exercise our choice, our vote, in the selection of officials and in direct decisions (referendums) on issues.

Significant underlying questions and concerns include what democracy is and why we value it? Also, what do “authenticity”, “meaningful participation”, “costs”, and “barriers” mean for our democracy?

The seven policy possibilities in this discussion guide: 

A.  Rebuild the Structures of Democracy
B.  Free to be You, Free to be Me
C.  It Takes a Village to be a Democracy
D.  Level the Playing Field for a Democratic Society
E.  Democracy is a Conversation
F.  Strengthen the Democratic Electoral Process
G.  E-Democracy: New Technologies for a Stronger Democracy

Other, Supplementary Documents, available for download at no cost from the following links:

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