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The End of American Democracy? – 1st of 3 sessions in a community conversation series

January 11, 2023 @ 2:00 pm - 3:15 pm EST

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What would it look like if democracy were to collapse here in the US? Almost 3/4 of Americans think that American democracy is under threat, and in 2021 the US was listed for the first time as a “backsliding democracy.”  

Please join us on January 11th, at 2 PM ET for the first of three discussions in an interactive online conversation series to discuss what would the end of our democracy look like and explore the authoritarian threats to it. You can register for this first session by completing the Eventbrite form below. Please note that there are 3 dates for this series, and we encourage you to register for all 3 dates (scroll down in the form as needed).

Alternatively, you can register directly on the Eventbrite site.

These small-group conversations will be facilitated by the Interactivity Foundation, which is dedicated to fostering generous and highly participatory conversations where we can help each other consider diverse perspectives, think broadly and deeply about issues, and imagine alternative possibilities for the future. Our small-group conversations are designed for collaborative exploration, not debates or arguments. We focus on helping each other to explore the broader meaning of what is happening as it relates to the prospects for democratic societies to thrive. Each of us is an expert about what democracy means for us. Bring your questions, concerns, and thoughts. 

This 3-part Zoom series will use small group conversations to explore the ways that authoritarianism is increasingly threatening our democracy. Each date has a separate registration, since each discussion can stand on its own. But each discussion also will build on the previous ones, so please register for as many as you can. The dates for the other two sessions and the projected topics are:

  • January 18, at 2PM ET: What are the key processes and institutions that we need to have a healthy democracy? What concerns do you have about the capacity of these processes and institutions to resist authoritarianism?
  • January 25, at 2PM ET: Democracy isn’t just about a form of government, it’s also about a way of life in community. How does the rise of authoritarianism affect this broader sense of democracy?

This series is convened in partnership with AroundTownDC, and the Diversity Relations Council at Leisure World in Maryland.

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