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Expense Forms – for IF sponsored classes and for citizen discussions

You can download MS Word copies of the expense cover sheets for IF sponsored courses and for citizen discussions by clicking on the following links:

Expense Form for IF-Sponsored Courses

Expense Form for Citizen Discussions

Please include your receipts when you submit these forms, preferably scotch-taped to a separate full size sheet of paper.  When completed, assembled, signed, dated, etc., you can send the cover sheet and accompanying receipts either (1) directly to our main office:  Interactivity Foundation, P.O. Box 9, Parkersburg, WV  26101-0009; or (2) to me at 1919 Keyes Avenue, Madison, WI  53711  (I’ll review, add scotch tape if needed, approve for reimbursement, and forward to our main office for payment).