I just wanted to send a short greeting to everyone.  I look forward to meeting you and will be posting some materials here on this site that will hopefully be helpful to you as we proceed toward August 1, when we will finally all get to meet.

I attended the Summer Institute in 2006, which is how I became acquainted with IF.  As the process was being conveyed and, particularly, as I went on to apply the process, I experienced a paradigm shift in my own approach to teaching.  I had always been an open and experimental teacher and had actively sought out new pedagogies, but this one was unique.  Several of the 2006 attendees had an experience similar to my own, and I have since seen several people who I have trained in the method experience a similar shift in perspective and approach.

Whether the process radically transforms your own teaching, helps you to extend or amplify an approach or style that you are already taking, or even just inspires you to renew your own well-developed pedagogy, I am confident that the week we have together will be one of interesting discussions, open exploration, and lots of interactivity.  Oh, and plenty of beer, cheese, and/or sausage, of course (we will be in Wisconsin, after all!).  I look forward to meeting each of you soon.