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Growth Through Discussion in Wisconsin

Wisconsin is a great place for cheese, football and discussions? 

Wisconsin facilitators (IF-WI) have completed 28 discussions during 2013 and will continue at a similar pace through 2014. Several of our facilitators have used the newly released IF reports with groups already familiar with IF discussions while also introducing new audiences to IF using some of our more popular existing topics.

Many of the discussion facilitators have been making a positive impact at IF.  Facilitator, Doris Ann Hayes is working with a newly formed church group that is using our discussion process to help them build a sense of community. The new Administrator for the Village of Mukwonago (pop. 7,300) used IF’s Human Migration report for a discussion that involved 15 village staff members as part of his efforts to set a tone of open communication and cooperation between departments. Ela Kakde is teaching a course for the University of Wisconsin – Platteville School of Engineering that will use the IF Energy report for student discussions.  Seasoned facilitators, Karen Stollenwerk, Donna Weikert and Jennifer Moore-Kerr all ran test discussions for IF Fellow Sue Goodney Lea’s report on Childhood. They all provided useful feedback that will help to mold the report. In addition, Melissa Simonson wrapped up a series of discussions that were part of the continuing education series at UW-Madison. Dan Lesczynski and Alan Anderson assisted with the group that was too large for a single facilitator.  Lastly, Wisconsin Facilitators Manager, James Schneider, did a presentation for Leadership Wisconsin that outlined the IF process in an effort to expand IF’s reach in Wisconsin.