This last week, IF Fellows Sue Goodney Lea, Mark & Ieva Notturno, and IF intern Nneka Edwards attended—and staffed an IF exhibit table at—the U.S. Department of Education’s 2013 Higher Education Programs (HEP) Project Directors’ Meeting in Washington, DC.

At this 2-day meeting of Department of Education (ED) staff and various federal grantee/project directors, IF had contact with scores and in-depth conversations with 24-30 ED grantees and project directors—all with an interest in IF’s discussion process and classroom programs and services.  Meeting participants were especially interested in (1) the development or redesign of first-year college programming, (2) college access program services for high school students, and (3) service learning and community-based dialog involving high school and/or college students.

Through meetings and conferences like this, IF is seeking out and evaluating opportunities to partner with one or more college and/or grantee agencies to provide various services in program planning, training in facilitation & discussion methods for instructors, staff, and students, and related administrative support that could be customized for any institution’s particular goals and circumstances.  For more information, please contact either Sue Goodney Lea or Nneka Edwards.