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How are you setting up your student discussion groups?

For those of you teaching an IF sponsored course this spring (2010), we’d like you to post blog entries at least 4 times during the semester in which you reflect upon and share some of your course experiences. We hope that we’ll all benefit from the expanded conversation about these topics. For your first entry, to be posted by this Friday, January 29th, please tell us how you are setting up your student discussion groups.  This is a chance to share some of your thinking and experiences about setting up the discussion groups at the heart of taking a student-centered discussion approach. As you think about these working groups, you might find it helpful to review Section Four of the Guidebook for Student Centered Discussions. Here are some of the things you might write about:

  • How are you grouping students together? What mixes of students are you looking for, or what kinds of attributes are you using to group the students? How are you discovering these attributes?
  • What tasks or roles are you assigning in groups, and how will students be accountable for these tasks?

By the way, I’m sure we all would welcome blog postings on these topics from all our affiliated faculty members–even if you are not currently teaching an IF sponsored course. What can you share that will help all of us thinking about creating working groups of students?

–Jeff Prudhomme