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Howard University Discusses Food: What Might Be For Dinner?

By: KKelly

The discussion of six policy possibilities by six Howard University alumni and students on Tuesday, July 10, 2012 was lively.  All of the possibilities provoked ideas that we could do more to equalize access to good and healthy food for all people and that we have a responsibility to promote subsidies that can ensure that the choices for food are more fairly available.  It was worrisome that real obstacles are present that prevent fairness and equity of access to healthy food for all.  Some participants would encourage having private gardens as a way to ensure the quality and freshness of food.  They also suggested that children be allowed to cook meals once a week and learn early in life about nutrition.

There was concern raised about how much influence balancing the market has to do with adequate production of food.  Also, what part do school systems play in requiring that food that is served is of the highest quality?

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