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Developmental Discussions

Our Discussion Guides are developed through a unique and, we think, important process. Our Fellows use long-term Exploratory Discussions as sustained dialogue projects with selected teams of both expert and generalist participants to help us generate the ideas, the concerns, the possibilities, their implementations and consequences for our Discussion Guides.

While we organize and edit their input, we believe that having citizen teams generate and discuss the content over several months significantly improves the range, depth, and innovativeness of the possibilities and other ideas in the Discussion Guides. We refer to these longer-term Exploratory Discussions with selected citizen participants as “Developmental Discussions.” The input and experience gained from these discussions are integral to not only developing our Discussion Guides but to all our work with Exploratory Discussions. Our Developmental Discussions focus on topics of emerging societal concern, especially ones that could benefit from broad, unhurried exploration. We are open to collaborating with others on these projects.