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Educational Collaborations

While our work in developing and supporting the use of student-facilitated Exploratory Discussion in classrooms and online courses is ongoing, some of our current and prior collaborations with colleges, universities, and individual educators includes the following. 

Wesleyan College

Macon Georgia

  • In 2011-2013, we worked with Wesleyan faculty to revise their mandatory first-year seminar to include student-facilitated discussion groups as a core part of the shared curriculum for the seminar. Since then, we have continued to support further course and curriculum projects for the course, which is now in its 8th year. 
  • Starting in 2016, we supported Wesleyan’s development of a co-curricular peer-discussion program on Diversity and Inclusion.
  • We have supported participation by Wesleyan faculty and students in workshops and conferences to share their insights about using a student-facilitated Exploratory Discussion process.
  • In 2010-12, we collaborated with Professor Tim Steffensmeier to conduct IF’s Developmental Discussion project on the Future of Higher Education.
  • We worked with Professor Tim Shaffer on the Campus Carry community discussions in Kansas. And we are continuing to work with Professor Shaffer on the development of a student certificate program for collaborative discussions.
  • Working with Professor Jack Crittenden (Politics & Global Studies), we tested an undergraduate junior fellows programs at ASU, which led to a large on-campus discussion event, facilitated by these junior fellows.
  • Professor Crittenden coached these students and has taught several IF-focused courses at ASU.
  • We are continuing to work with Associate Professor of Politics Philip Benesch to support his use of student-facilitated exploratory discussion in his classes.

James Madison University

Harrisonburg, VA

  • Starting in 2014, we have collaborated with Associate Professor of Communications Lori Britt on several NCDD workshops.
  • In 2019 Professor Britt joined a small team of faculty members working with us on a possible certificate program for collaborative discussions.

Howard University

Washington, DC

  • In 2017-2019, we collaborated with Assistant Professor and former IF Fellow Natalie Hopkinson on the use of student-facilitated exploratory discussions in Professor Hopkinson’s graduate courses in the Communications, Culture and Media Studies Department at Howard.

Haverford College

Haverford, PA

  • Starting in 2017, IF Fellow Shannon Wheatley Hartman has been a fellow in residence at the Center for Peace and Global Citizenship (CPGC) at Haverford where she has taught a course using student-facilitated exploratory discussion and worked to organize symposiums, community-engaged learning tours, and discussion events.
  • Since 2009, Sewanee art professor Pradip Malde has used various aspects of our student-facilitated exploratory discussion process in his teaching and his work with community-based photography projects.