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IF’s Impact and Activities in China Past – Present

Photo by Sam Balye on Unsplash

IF has been conducting a discussion series in China every winter and summer since 2011.  Participants range from high school students to teachers, from ordinary Chinese citizens to nationally famous scholars.  In essence, there is always diverse pool of contributors.  Each person shared that the IF discussions are extremely meaningful as societal views and behaviors were ultimately changed.

Seven reports are in the draft stage as they are being translated into Chinese.  At this time, editing is still required before these drafts can be ready for final print.  However, the existing IF reports have worked well when the following conditions are satisfied:  Reports in English and Chinese are available, the participants speak English, and the facilitator is familiar with US and Chinese contexts and he/she is proficient in utilizing the IF method.

IF discussions have motivated past participants to start their own discussion groups.  . Some former participants have returned to China and organized informal discussions.  Due to the differences in culture and governmental structure, a few participants are interested in starting new sanctuary projects to develop reports that would suit developing/emerging/non-democracies better.  This could be an interesting project as IF considers possibilities under different governmental parameters.