The group began discussing the issue of civil rights from their own idealistic philosophical points of view.   After discussing which populations of people should have certain rights, the group uncovered deeper feeling of unfairness to the “system” if, for example, illegal immigrants access healthcare and drive up costs for everyone because they are uninsured.   The group did feel that children and people with various disabilities should have access to care such as US born citizens because they are “worthy” of being taken care of.   Some group members felt that part of the civil rights debates over issues such as gay marriage and immigrant reform would be dealt with more honestly and not be influenced by special interest if politicians were allowed the opportunity to vote anonymously.   Other group members felt very uncomfortable with this suggestions and felt that we can not trust politicians to vote in accordance with the views of their constituents.  Most participants felt that in an anonymous voting system, most politicians would not protect or enforce our civil rights to our satisfaction.   Ultimately, the group agreed that “we” are the government and it is the responsibility of all of us to practice our morality and ensure that civil rights and basic human rights, despite differences are protected for all.