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Lori Britt

Lori L. Britt, Professor of Communication Studies at James Madison University (JMU), also serves as the Co-Director of the Institute for Constructive Advocacy and Dialogue, which seeks to serve as a resource for the study and practice of public engagement in collaborative public problem-solving.

At JMU, she promotes training and engaging students as public process facilitators to investigate, explore, and develop productive conversations designed to help address complex community needs. She has published numerous book chapters and journal articles on engagement, public processes, and pedagogy, and serves as Associate Editor for the Journal of Deliberative Democracy (formerly the Journal of Public Deliberation) and board chair of the National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation.

Contributing to curricular resources for teaching students the knowledge, habits, and skills of collaborative discussion and benefitting from the amazing work of others is such a benefit of working with the Interactivity Foundation. These collaboratively-developed resources represent what can emerge when people share a similar vision and hope for how we can talk and work together to address the challenges ahead and see what is possible when we authentically and inclusively collaborate.