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Shannon Wheatley Hartman

Shannon Wheatley Hartman, Ph.D., joined the Interactivity Foundation in 2010. She manages long-term developmental projects, oversees community conversation initiatives, and develops classroom pedagogy and educational programming.

Some of her developmental projects have included:

Prior to joining IF, Shannon was a full-time Lecturer of International Relations at Arizona State University. She was awarded Teacher of the Year for the School of Politics and Global Studies in 2011. Her teaching interests and publications focus on cosmopolitanism, immigration and border politics, nonviolent resistance, postcolonialism, Participatory Action Research, and deliberative democracy.

Shannon has continued teaching periodically at Drexel University, Kansas State University, and Haverford College. All of her courses are designed to call into question voices and positions of authority, focus on student-centered learning through praxis, and nurture the processes that deliberately move students and teachers toward a fuller humanity of critical thinking and perpetual learning. The purpose of her ongoing pedagogical experiments is not to discover the best methods or gimmicks for teaching students to master content, but to discover ways to use content to generate and improve thought and civic communication. Within IF, she has developed or is working on:

  • Students as Classroom and Community Discussion Facilitators
  • Leadership Through Facilitation
  • Community-Engaged Learning
  • Certification in Collaborative Discussion and Small Group Facilitation

Shannon attempts to bridge the campus-classroom divide through student leadership and facilitation of community conversations. Some of her community discussion collaborations and events include:

  • Campus Carry Discussion Series (with the Institute for Civic Discourse and Democracy at Kansas State University)
  • Family Separation Discussion Series (with artist Michelle Angela Ortiz and Haverford College)
  • The Chicago Municipal Election Discussion Project (with Ballotpedia and the Institute for Policy and Civic Engagement at the University of Illinois at Chicago)
  • Farmers Discussion Series (with the Wendell Berry Foundation).
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