What is privacy and how much should we have?  This group was in favor of the government collecting and using citizens private information to make decisions regarding allocation of resources and ensuring our national security as long as its citizens are aware of what information is being collected.  Privacy in public places is tricky.  Retailers have the right to protect their products but the group felt that invasion of privacy in a dressing room for instance or physical searches of people as they leave a store could lead to profiling and discrimination.   Finally, the participant’s opinions varied on how much privacy public figures should have.  As citizens, shouldn’t we know if a public figure is competent enough to lead?  What if that person has a mental impairment that could threaten our national security?  If a person runs for office, shouldn’t they assume that they have given up much of their privacy?  Perhaps, but further exploration is needed.  There are no black and white lines to draw regarding privacy.    Information is needed by the government and by the general public at times to make overall decisions for the greater good.