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Promoting Good Mental Health in Communities

IF Fellow Sue Goodney Lea has completed a project exploring ways by which we might best promote good mental health in our communities.  What resources might communities leverage to help individual and families deal with mental health crises that they might face?  We do not, as a rule, do a lot of preventative mental health care in this country; instead, we often take a reactive approach, attempting to intervene when there is a problem.  But what if we did more screenings of young (and not-so-young) people, partnered more with churches and other community agents, and ensured that people had knowledge and access to resources that would help to ensure better mental health for themselves and their families?  What sorts of interventions might make the biggest difference?  This guide invites community members to explore these questions and more.  I hope you will consider facilitating a discussion of it in your neighborhood, church, synagogue, or mosque, school, or community center.  Please contact Sue if you’d like more details– you can also freely download the guide here.

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