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For using Exploratory Discussion in the Classroom & Online Courses

The Collaborative Discussion ProjectIn partnership with a team of dialogue and deliberation experts and educators, the Interactivity Foundation has created a Certificate in Collaborative Discussion program that recognizes and advances a core set of skills necessary for productive group discussion. The program offers a curated learning experience using activities assembled from the Collaborative Discussion Toolkit.

Additional information about the Collaborative Discussion Project, including the Toolkit, the Certificate Program, upcoming events, project collaborators, and other resources, is available on the Project’s website.

    Resources – for Online Courses
    Guidebook for Student-Facilitated Discussion in Online Courses (Wheatley-Hartman & Byrd, 2015)


    64 pages / 5 MB
    60 pages / 4 MB
    Online Course Materials for Student-Facilitated Discussions


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    Resources – for Classroom Courses Pages /File Size or format
    Facilitation Workbook – Student Edition (Wheatley-Hartman, 2019-20)
    Also viewable online & downloadable on Issuu
    26 pages / 3.3 MB

    Classroom Course Materials for Student-Facilitated Discussions (Wesleyan College, 2015, 2017):

    All PDFs
    Guidebook for Student-Centered Classroom Discussions (1st edition, 2008) a guide for instructors using student-facilitated discussion in the classroom; also available in Albanian (2012; 141 pages/1.6 MB) 141 pages / 581 KB
    Teaching Tips (Byrd, Prudhomme & Lea, eds., 2009) 30 pages / 236 KB
    Student-Centered Discussion Strategies for the 21st-Century Classroom (Lea & Byrd, 2009) an IF White Paper 22 pages / 322 KB
    A Typical Week in the IF Classroom (Lea, 2009) 3 pages / 144 KB