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For using Exploratory Discussion in the Classroom & Online Courses

IF Collaborative Discussion Certificate Program.   In partnership with a team of dialogue and deliberation experts and educators, the Interactivity Foundation has created a Certificate in Collaborative Discussion program that recognizes and advances a core set of skills necessary for productive group discussion. The program offers a curated learning experience using activities assembled from the Collaborative Discussion Toolkit.

To find out more, you can download the program description for the Certificate in Collaborative Discussion- May 2021 (8 pages).

    Resources – for Online Courses
    Guidebook for Student-Facilitated Discussion in Online Courses (Wheatley-Hartman & Byrd, 2015)


    64 pages / 5 MB
    60 pages / 4 MB
    Online Course Materials for Student-Facilitated Discussions


    all in editable MS Word format



    Resources – for Classroom Courses Pages /File Size or format
    Facilitation Workbook – Student Edition (Wheatley-Hartman, 2019-20)
    Also viewable online & downloadable on Issuu
    26 pages / 3.3 MB

    Classroom Course Materials for Student-Facilitated Discussions (Wesleyan College, 2015, 2017):

    All PDFs
    Guidebook for Student-Centered Classroom Discussions (1st edition, 2008) a guide for instructors using student-facilitated discussion in the classroom; also available in Albanian (2012; 141 pages/1.6 MB) 141 pages / 581 KB
    Teaching Tips (Byrd, Prudhomme & Lea, eds., 2009) 30 pages / 236 KB
    Student-Centered Discussion Strategies for the 21st-Century Classroom (Lea & Byrd, 2009) an IF White Paper 22 pages / 322 KB
    A Typical Week in the IF Classroom (Lea, 2009) 3 pages / 144 KB