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Our fellows, staff, associated college faculty, and residents/interns have authored a number of articles, books, book chapters, research and academic conference papers, and internal reports and papers on the use and practice of exploratory discussion and related topics. We also produce videos, podcasts, and regular posts to various social media.

Other Publications – book, chapters, articles, papers Format(s)
“What IF:  The Interactivity Foundation and Student-Facilitated Discussion Teams,” a book chapter by Shannon Wheatley Hartman and Jeff Prudhomme in Creating Space for Democracy: a Primer on Dialogue & Deliberation in Higher Education. Available for purchase from Stylus Publishing in hardback, paperback and E-book formats
Neither Star Nor Gypsy: How I Found Happiness Outside Academia (Gundersen, 2016), as published in Political Science & Politics, Volume 49, Issue 3, pp 513-515, July 2016 3 pages/89 KB
Semester-Long Student Discussion Groups: Maximizing the Public & Private Benefits of Higher Education (Fitzgerald, 2015) 30 pages/246 KB
Ten Governance Concerns About the Nature and Use of Data (M. Notturno, 2014)  16 pages/247 KB
Let’s Talk Politics:  Restoring Civility Through Exploratory Discussion (Gundersen & Goodney Lea, 2013) available in print or e-book formats from both Amazon and CreateSpace
The Complementary Roles of Lay Citizens and Experts in Democratic Discussion (Gundersen, 2013), as published in the International Journal of Business and Social Science, Volume 4, No. 10, Special Issues – August 2013, pp 222-230. Issues – August 2013, pp 222-230. 9 pages/76 KB
Communication Processes & Outcomes of IF Public Discussions (Black & Wiederhold, 2012) 34 pages/487 KB
The Voice Collaboration Report (Huffman, 2012) 13 pages/229 KB
Just-In-Time Exploratory Public Discussion (Gundersen & Boyer, 2012, published by the Journal of Public Deliberation) 11 pages/130 KB
Using the IF Discussion Process in a Service-Learning Enhanced Course: a study of student learning outcomes (Swoboda, 2012) 28 pages/315 KB
Julius “Jay” Stern:  A Biography (Hopkinson, 2010) 52 pages/679 KB
Why Political Science Should Teach Democratic Facilitation—and How (Gundersen, Byrd, Prudhomme, 2006) 19 pages / 80 KB
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