Spotlight on IF Fellow Mark Notturno

January 20, 2015


2014 was an extraordinary year for IF Fellow and philosopher Mark Amadeus Notturno.  During the course of the year, he published his seventh book entitled Hayek and Popper: On Rationality, Economism, and Democracy (Routledge).  Mark had several articles published including:  ‘Ten Governance Concerns about the Nature and Use of Data’ (The 2014 Digital Enlightenment Yearbook,),  ‘Do We Need a Second-Order Science?’ (Constructivist Foundations), and ‘Falsifiability Revisited: Popper, Daubert, and Kuhn’ (forthcoming The Journal of Philosophy, Science, and Law).  Notturno also completed his final drafts of two discussion guides: The Future of Employment and Global Responsibility for Children.

Mark gave the keynote address and presided over a three-hour discussion of his new book at a symposium organized by Lebanon Valley College to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Sir Karl Popper’s death. He provided the opening statement for another symposium to commemorate Popper’s death at the University of Valparaiso in Santiago, Chile, which he could not attend. And he gave lectures on ‘The Differences between Democracy and Open Society’ at The Institute of Research on the Philosophical Foundations of Disciplines in Ankara, Turkey; on ‘Validity and Theory Choice’ at the London Mathematical Laboratory in London, England; and on ‘Second-order Science’ at The George Washington University in Washington.

The Institute of Research on the Philosophical Foundations of Disciplines has invited Mark back to give lectures in Istanbul and Ankara next September.

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