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The Future of Sports & Fitness: an online, 4-session community conversation series

Photo by Arisa Chatassa on Unsplash

Join us this fall for What IF…? Online Community Conversations: The Future of Sports and Fitness, a four-part exploratory conversation series

Imagine a future without sports and fitness activities. What would the world be like—what would we be missing? A lot of us have been facing up to this during the pandemic, whether it’s sporting activities we can no longer do or sporting activities we can no longer watch. In this series we’ll meet online for small-group facilitated conversations to explore what sporting and fitness activities mean to us as a society and as individuals. We’ll think about “sports” broadly, whether recreational activities or hardcore competitions.

This program will have 4 facilitated discussion sessions online via Zoom, each running from 1:00-2:15 pm EDT on the 4 dates listed below.  Please register separately for each session. Each session is independent, so if you are unable to attend one, you can still attend the other sessions. You will be sent a Zoom link the morning of each session. Please register 24 hours before each session starts. Registration for all sessions is free and you can register here or by clicking on the blue button at the bottom of this post.

Dates, themes, and discussion questions for each of the 4 sessions

September 10, 2020:  Sports and fitness—what do they mean for us?

  • What would the world be like without sports and fitness activities—and what have we learned about them during the pandemic?
  • What are sports and fitness activities all about, for us as individuals and as a society?
  • Why are sports and fitness activities a matter of public interest?

October 8, 2020:  Sports and fitness for life?

  • What if we embraced the idea of “sports and fitness for life”—what could that mean for us as individuals and as communities?
  • What’s the significance of sports and fitness for our development as healthy and flourishing individuals—or as healthy and flourishing communities?
  • What questions or concerns would come to mind if we were to pursue an approach of “sports and fitness for life”?

November 12, 2020:  Sports and fitness—and a just society?

  • What role could, or should, sports and fitness have in making us a more just society or for improving our civil society?
  • What economic concerns might surround sports and fitness—and what might be different ways to address those concerns?
  • What questions or concerns about fairness, justice, and equality do you think we might have to address about sports and fitness?

December 10, 2020:  Sports and fitness—what future do we want?

  • If we stay on our current path, where do you think we’ll wind up in the future with sports and fitness activities?
  • Ideally, what do you think the future of sports and fitness should look like?
  • What could we build on now to get to a more ideal situation for sports and fitness?

In convening this online discussion program, we are again pleased to partner with the DC Department of Aging & Community Living and IONA Senior Services, which is handling the registration for all 4 sessions. You’ll find more information and the free registration forms for each session at Iona’s AroundTownDC website or by clicking on the blue button below.  This program is part of the #WeavingCommunity initiative.

Go to AroundTownDC website to register

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