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Travel Planning & Other Logistics

To:  2009 Summer Institute Faculty & Participating IF Fellows

Re:  Travel Planning & Other Logistics.

Hey everyone, I’m about to take off for meetings in West Virginia for a couple of days, but I wanted to get this update out to you on some of the advance planning and logistical information for the 2009 summer institute. As always, please don’t hesitate to call or email me if you have questions or concerns as we go along.  I’m looking forward to meeting all of you soon.  And for those of you interested in the bicycling option (see last item below), please let me know about that as soon as possible.  Thanks!

Travel Plans. Most of you are flying to Madison, and I think I now have everyone’s arrival & departure dates and times.  Thank you!

  • If you are flying, I will send each of you an individualized email early in the week of July 27th to confirm your arrival time and arrangements for your ground transport from the Madison airport to the Lowell Center.  In most cases, I will meet you at the airport; but for some I will ask you to meet up with another Fellow who is also flying and renting a car; and for a couple of you, I will ask you to take a cab to campus.
  • If you are driving, I have prepared driving directions from within the Madison area to the Lowell Center.  Click here for those directions.  Driving Instructions to Lowell Ctr
  • What to bring?
    • Casual dress – It’s August, it is Madison, it will be warm.  There is perhaps one group dinner at a restaurant where “dress casual” might be more comfortable, but otherwise casual dress will be fine.
    • Laptop computers & thumb drives if you have them.  Having a computer to work on your course proposal and some other prep work will be helpful.  If you don’t have a laptop, there are a few computers in the lobby area and many more computers over at the computer lab in the undergrad library (Helen C. White building – next to the Union).  For printing, I will have a printer and computer available in our meeting room after hours.  Also, I will have an extra stock of thumb drives so you can print documents.

Other Meeting Materials – We will provide a 3-ring binder with various documents and other meeting materials to you when you arrive.  You shouldn’t need to bring any other materials.  At the end of the week, I’ll provide pre-labeled shipping boxes to ship your binder and any other materials to your home address so that you don’t have to cram it into your luggage.

Meeting Schedule & Extra Curricular Activities.

  • Preliminary Meeting Schedule – Click here for a still tentative draft of our meeting schedule/program.  This schedule will likely change somewhat and be subject to group interests desires.   Schedule-Summer Institute 2009 _short version PAS draft of 7-13-09_
  • Extra Curricular Activities – You’ll see on the schedule, that I’ve arranged for a dinner cruise on Lake Mendota on Thursday and a brewery tour at Capital Brewery (micro/craft brewery) on Friday afternoon.  For more individual activities and interests, I’ll send out next week a separate guide of things to do in and around Madison—everything from art and architecture to zoos and zymology.

In town travel & Bicycles – Bicycling is often an easier and more pleasant way to get around town and to enjoy some of the scenery around the lakes.  If there is sufficient interest, I’ll rent some bicycles for the week.  Please let me know if you are interested in having access to a bicycle during your week in Madison.