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What IF? Exploratory Discussions, Museums, and Housing Insecurity

How might museums engage their visitors in dialogue and deliberation surrounding the
content of their exhibits? This is a question that IF has been exploring in very real terms
with the National Building Museum in Washington DC. IF Vice President Jeff
Prudhomme has been partnering with educational staff at the Museum to develop
discussion experiences and materials to foster deep collaborative engagement with the
Museum’s Evicted exhibit. The activities with the Museum include a short series of
discussions with K-12 educators to explore housing instability, co-creating an educator’s
discussion guide for collaborative discussions on the topic, convening a workshop for
some of the Museum’s instructional staff, and planning a short discussion series for adult participants to take place in April 2019.

Interested in collaborative conversations to explore the concerns surrounding housing instability and to generate alternative ideas to address these concerns? Then please join us for one of our community conversations at the National Building Museum. Sign up here for a paired discussion series on April 10 and 16 (with a commitment to participate in both sessions). Or sign up here for a standalone discussion on April 29.

This partnership is part of a growing initiative on the part of IF to collaborate with libraries and museums as partners for exploratory collaborative dialogues around areas of public concern. Contact us if you’re interested in exploring such collaboration, or if you would like more information about our ongoing projects or materials.