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Human Impact on Climate Change

Project Manager:

  • Dennis Boyer

This discussion guide, Human Impacts on Climate Change: Opportunities and Challenges, invites us to consider multiple and interrelated questions and concerns about our ongoing climate change, including–

  • How is the climate changing?
  • What role does human action play in global climate discussion?
  • What public policy choices might we make about climate change?

There are those who are unconvinced that the climate is changing, that human activity has anything to do with those changes, or that dealing with climate is possible or affordable. And there are others who feel that it is already too late to reverse the climate trends unleashed by human activity. Doing nothing at all is, of course, a possible approach as well. This discussion guide, however, emphasizes  possibilities that provide opportunities for innovation, economic development, and prudent planning.

Now, it is your turn. The six policy possibilities described in this discussion guide serve as conversation starters about the climate and what our different policy choices might be.

The six policy possibilities in this discussion guide: 

A.  Promote Climate Awareness
B.  Change Consumer Habits
C.  Go For Results
D.  Heal the Planet
E.  Deal With a Different World
F.  Focus on the Developing World 

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