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New Guidebook! Agri-Culture & The Future of Farming

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Don’t know what to discuss at Thanksgiving dinner? Terrified of talking about current events? Breathe easy. We’ve got you covered. Invite your family to discuss Agri-Culture & The Future of Farming. This is our newest exploratory discussion guide that examines the future of agriculture, rural communities, and farming trends in the United States.

Over the course of several years, IF organized discussion panels with farmers, experts in agriculture, as well as everyday citizens representing a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. We asked these sustained “thinking groups” to discuss the topic of agri-culture—that is, the social practices, language, history, inherited wisdom, shared values—culture—of working the land. From these discussions, we were able to identify shared concerns and imagine a wide range of policy options to address these concerns. Take a look at our summary table of contents:

This discussion guide is available for free download on our website. Take a look!

If you are interested in organizing or hosting a community or even a dinner discussion on this topic, please feel free to contact Shannon Wheatley Hartman at [email protected].

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