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The Future of Family

Project Managers:

The Future of Family discussion guide focuses on the changing nature and role of the family in American life and the implications for our long-term public policies. The discussion guides invites you to explore different possible futures, or visions, of what it means to be a family, how are families changing, and what kinds of concerns might emerge from those different visions and changes?

 “Wild and crazy family Christmas” by circulating on Flickr / CC BY-NC-SA

A number of themes and interrelated issues affecting family may emerge from your exploration and discussion, including different models of family organization, and factors relating to culture, gender, morality, privacy, property, health, technology, and the role of the state—among others.


The nine policy possibilities in this discussion guide: 

A.  Charter Whatever Family You Want
B.  Reinforce the Traditional Nuclear Family
C.  The Bigger the Better: Support Extended Families
D.  Families Are Safe Harbors
E.  The Family as a School for Democracy
F.  Break Up Aristocracies for a More Democratic Society
G.  The Family is Number One
H.  Manage the Family for the Greater Good
I.   Focus on the Basic Principles for Each Family Situation 

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