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Interactive Workshop Introducing the Collaborative Discussion Toolkit

Interactive Workshop Introducing the Collaborative Discussion Toolkit

In this workshop, you will learn about the Collaborative Discussion Toolkit (an open access resource), created by educators and dialogue practitioners. It contains 50+ learning activities, intentionally designed to develop or enhance collaborative discussion skills. These skills are categorized in easy to search modules: creative, critical, culturally responsive, and civic collaboration. The toolkit also contains introductory and practice modules. The learning activities can be adapted to be incorporated into classrooms, communities, or workplaces.

Participants will be invited to review the toolkit in advance and during this session we will dive into 2-3 learning activities to experience the learning structure of these activities. Participants will be invited to learn more (after the session) about how to join our growing community of practice, become a Collaborative Discussion Coach, and award certificates in collaborative discussion.

Please join us via Zoom for this online workshop introducing interactive discussion activities for the classroom and community.

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