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New Discussion Materials !!!

The Interactivity Foundation has new discussion materials to share. These discussion guides were developed through exploratory discussions in our small-group, online discussion events. You can use them to help discuss these topics with neighbors, colleagues, friends, or even at the dinner table with your family.  You can download PDF copies of each discussion guide from the links below.

George Floyd protest in Grand Army Plaza, June 7, 2020. By Rhododendrites – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

For example, if you want to talk and think more deeply about policing, safety, and race in the United States, you may want to check out these guides:

> Public Safety, Race, & Society Part I: Uprising in the Streets, What’s Rising Up?
> Public Safety, Race, & Society Part II: What Does it Mean to be Safe?
> Public Safety, Race, & Society Part III: Imagining the Future We Want

Or, if you would like to think more deeply about the impact that the pandemic has had on our lives and explore ways of imaging a new and better life after the pandemic, check out this guide:  Exploring the Pandemic and a Better World Beyond It

Photo by Communicating Across Cultures




And finally, if you are wondering about how neighborhoods are navigating gentrification, cultural differences, and the role of technology in how we communicate with one another then check out these guides:

All of our guides are designed to be user-friendly. Just get a few folks together (maybe 4-8), review the guide, agree upon the discussion guidelines, and–most importantly–start discussing. Let us know how it goes.  And consider joining us for one of our  upcoming facilitated, online discussions about the Future of Sports, or Immigration, or a post-election conversation.  See our Events Calendar on our website for more information about our upcoming online discussions.

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