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The Economy & Democracy in America – a Community Conversation Series

How do you see the relationship between our economic system and the health of our democracy? What are the purposes and values that shape our economic system – and how do these mesh with the purposes and values of our democracy? What challenges flow from our economic system, and how do these affect the health of our democracy? How might we better meet these challenges? In this conversation series, we will explore these and other key questions and concerns surrounding the relationship of the economy and our democracy. We will also imagine different pathways forward to address these questions and concerns.

Please join us via Zoom for these three interactive, small-group conversations to explore the relationship between the economy and democracy. Each session has a separate registration, since each can stand on its own. But the sessions build on each other, so please sign up for as many as you can attend. We’re launching this series as our contribution to the National Week of Conversation (NWOC), which runs from April 17-23.

April 19, 2023 (2 – 3:15 pm ET): What concerns do you have, and what questions should we explore, about the relationship between the economy and our democracy? In this first session, we will ask participants to explore who does the economy serve – and why? What might be the consequences for democracy of rising economic inequality and insecurity? And what if these consequences are by design – and, if so, why?

May 3, 2023 (2 – 3:15 pm ET): Questioning our assumptions about the economy. In this second session, we’ll ask participants to explore what assumptions do we have about the economy? When we say the “American dream,” do we mean an economic or democratic dream? Why? And what interests shape our economic system?

May 17, 2023 (2 – 3:15 pm ET): Imagining a better system and different pathways forward. In this final session, we’ll ask participants to explore how might our economic system better support our democratic values rather than the other way round? What might this world look like? And how might we get there?

REGISTER TODAY for this 3-part series by completing the Eventbrite form below. Please note that there are 3 dates for this series, and we encourage you to register for all 3 dates (scroll down in the form as needed).

Alternatively you can register directly on the Eventbrite website for this event. Tell your friends about this conversation series. Send them this link and invite them to register as well.

These small-group conversations will be facilitated by the Interactivity Foundation. The Interactivity Foundation is dedicated to fostering generous and highly participatory conversations where we can help each other consider diverse perspectives, think broadly and deeply about issues, and imagine alternative possibilities for the future. Our small-group conversations are designed for collaborative exploration. They are not debates or arguments. We focus on helping each other explore the broader meanings, concerns, challenges, ideas, and different possibilities for the topic.

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