The Invasion of Ukraine – What it Means for Democracy

March 4, 2022

Join us online on March 17, 24, and 31 to discuss the unprovoked invasion of Ukraine and what it means for democracy abroad and at home

Our small-group conversations are designed for collaborative exploration. We will focus not on specific factual details, where few of us can be “expert,” but rather on the broader meaning of what is happening as it relates to the prospects for democratic societies. Each of us is an expert about what democracy means for us. Bring your questions, concerns, and thoughts. Together we will explore what the Ukrainian situation means from the perspective of democratic citizens.

REGISTER TODAY for these online discussions on Zoom from 1 – 2:15 pm (EDT) via Eventbrite!  Tell your friends about these conversations! Send them this link and invite them to register.  Register on Eventbrite  Alternatively, you may also register for these discussions on the Around Town DC website maintained by Iona Senior Services, our partner in organizing these discussions.  Register on AroundTownDC

This 3-part Zoom series will move from exploring issues to generating positive possibilities. Each date has a separate registration since each discussion can stand on its own. But each discussion will build on the previous ones, so please register for as many as you can.  The possible arc of this series (subject to change) is–

  • March 17:  Identifying and exploring different issues or concerns related to democracy and the invasion of Ukraine
  • March 24:  Expanding and consolidating our sense of the core questions to address related to democracy and the invasion of Ukraine
  • March 31:  Generating possibilities for moving forward

These small-group online conversations will be facilitated by the Interactivity Foundation. The Interactivity Foundation is dedicated to fostering generous and highly participatory conversations where we can help each other consider diverse perspectives, think broadly and deeply about issues, and imagine alternative possibilities for the future.

Interested in working with us to bring better discussions to your classroom, community or workplace?

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