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  • Communicating Across Cultures

    In the fall of 2019, a team of researchers at Howard University’s Department of Communication, Culture and Media Studies hosted a total of 18 small-group forums. Strangers of all ages, ethnicities and... More Information
  • Creating Our Communities

    This project will explore the meaning and significance of communities, our social capital, civic associations, and civil society. What are the elements of healthy communities? How can we nurture them? More Information
  • Photo by Shelagh Murphy on Unsplash

    Future of Citizenship

    What will citizenship of the future look like? How will climate change, food security, migration, and technology affect it? What kind of institutions will we need for citizens to engage... More Information
  • Agri-Culture & Future Farming

    What is the future of our agriculture and rural life? Beyond the production of commodity goods, what about the culture of rural life, our identities, traditions, communities, and relationship to... More Information Download Guide
  • On Giving: the Future of Philanthropy

    This project explores the key concerns and issues surrounding giving, sharing, volunteering, and otherwise contributing to our society in the Twenty-First Century. More Information