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Think About…Strategies for Collaborative Classroom Discussions

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Previously I released a series of 11 messages on Course Design for Collaborative Discussions. Over the next 18 weeks, I will be re-sharing a series of messages on discussion strategy. These messages contain suggestions for how discussions can be more effective. They address the most common challenges that instructors may encounter in getting students to fully engage in the discussion segment of their classes. The topics to be re-released are shown below. Since the topics discuss different strategies, you may want to peruse the list and click on a topic that is timely for a specific class.

18 Topics for Discussion Strategies for Collaborative Discussions:

Creating Discussion Infrastructures in the Classroom
Cordon Bleu Discussion Preparation
Designing Facilitation
Collaborative Salads? (Part One)
Collaborative Salads? (Part Two)
Values-Centered Discussions
Types and Sequencing of Discussion Questions
Silent Thinking
Prompting Deeper Discussions
Good Words
Metaphorically Speaking
Questions-and Critical Thinking in Discussions
Facilitating Curiosity
Encouraging Risk Taking in Group Discussions
The Power of Ambiguity
Mapping Complexity
Making Creative Connections
Values in Context
Avoiding Distractions

This post is part of our “Think About” education series. These posts are based on composites of real-world experiences, with some details changed for the sake of anonymity. New posts appear Wednesday afternoons.