Think About…11 Topics on Course Design for Collaborative Discussions

December 8, 2021

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I wrote a “Think About” series of messages that were designed for educators who want to engage students in more active learning using collaborative class discussions. These messages have been released weekly since May 2020 and to date have had over 80,000 views on LinkedIn and other social media platforms. The Interactivity Foundation has sponsored these messages based upon its experience and those of its educational partners. The messages themselves are based on compilations of actual experiences, so some of the narrative framing and details have been fictionalized. The messages have themes ranging from course design to discussion teaching strategies to discussion assessments. The messages cover approximately 80 topics.

We plan to rerelease these weekly messages via our Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn (including my personal LinkedIn profile) feeds throughout the next calendar year at moments when faculty may be interested in a specific topic (the posts are already available on our website at the links below). The beginning set of 11 topics cover course design. Subsequent theme areas and topics will be released in the spring.

The additional topics in this course design series are shown below as hyperlinked titles. We’ll boost a different post each week. But if you have an interest in other topics in this series, especially if you’re working now on course design for the upcoming semester, you can follow the links below for each topic yet to be rereleased.

11 Topics for Designing Courses for Collaborative Discussions

  1. Syllabus Ideas for Student-Centered Discussions
  2. Creating a Collaborative Classroom Culture
  3. The Stages of Team Development 
  4. Collaboration Agreements
  5. The Art of Facilitation and Collaboration 
  6. Just in Time Teaching of Oral Communication Skills
  7. Diverse Discussion Groups 
  8. When the Dream Team Isn’t
  9. Discussion Sensitivity
  10. Continuous Improvement for Teaching Discussion Skills 
  11. Student-Centered Remote Learning 

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