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Discussion Reports

Great Taste, Less Filling

I’ve known it for years:  that all great ideas derive from beer—or at least television commercials for beer. Though for my purposes here, perhaps a better version of this slogan would be “Great Discussion, Less Text”. As we continue to develop the format of our...

What makes IF reports unique?

First, IF reports neither make recommendations nor aim for consensus. Most of the public policy reports produced today end with a list of things that must be done to avert Armageddon. It is true that IF reports often include lists of ‘possible implementations’, but...

IF Discussion Reports as Lightweight Batons

IF’s public discussion Reports are akin to the curricular materials that all teachers rely on—with two critical differences.  First, citizens--no less than experts—have a say in what IF Reports say.  Second, and even more importantly, the end of IF Reports is to...