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The Questions We Ask

At the dawn of western philosophy Socrates was asking questions in the Athenian agora. The whole of western thought has arguably been developed in search of answers to the questions he asked. But our understanding of philosophy and science has developed not so much...

Dealing With Difference

Difference is a fundamental fact of human life. There is similarity too. But difference is the reason why we need to have discussions about public policy. It is also the reason why they should occur face-to-face, over extended periods of time, and with the...

Putting Chicken Little in His Place

Life imitates art, or so they say.  But not always.  At least not completely.  Take the story of Chicken Little.  True, we’ve got no shortage these days of Chicken Littles.  It’s hard to turn around without bumping into a Chicken Little leading a parade of experts,...